The Importance of People within the Marketing Mix

One of the essential elements of the marketing mix is people. This includes everyone who is involved in the product or service whether directly or indirectly.  Not all of these people get in touch with the customers.  But all these people have their own roles to play in the production, marketing, distribution, and delivery of the products and services to the customers.

The 5th P in the Marketing Mix

Modern marketing theories place people as the 5th P in the marketing mix, joining the other 4 Ps namely:  product, promotions, price, and place.  Without people, all these other Ps will not complete a successful marketing formula.  This aspect refers to those who are employed by the company to: design, develop, and manufacture the products; do market research to establish demand and determine customer needs; manage the supply chain to ensure timely delivery; provide support services; and serve as touch points for customer interaction among others.

People Who Make the Products

Aside from the management team, there are people down the line who are responsible for coming up with the products and services of the company.  Companies should take time to hire people who have the competence and expertise in the particular industry they are operating in.  This is true for people in the entire organization, from the managers down to the ordinary workers.  Investing in high caliber people will allow businesses to come up with the best products and services for their target customers.  Having these people represent the company will also give the company a positive image in the eyes of the consumers.  It goes without saying that such positive image attracts sales.

People Who Bring the Products to the Customers

These are the people who are supposed to know what the customers want and what the best way is for these customers to get what they want.  Marketing efforts are focused on generating leads and attracting prospects.  When the prospects are ready to buy, these people make sure that the products and services are accessible to them in the most convenient and affordable manner.  When these people fail in their responsibility, the company will not be able to build a substantial customer base to keep their business profitable.

People Who Talk to the Customers

Companies no matter how big or small require customer service to support their products and services.  They should have the right kind of people manning their customer touch points.  For a lot of customers, this could actually make or break a deal.  Customers always want to be assured that they can talk to people who are willing and able to help them in case they have problems or concerns with the products they bought or the services they availed of.  Companies should ensure that they have customer-friendly people who are ready to serve their customers’ needs.

Customer service people can actually serve as a differentiating factor versus other competitor companies.  There are products that serve the same purpose and are configured the same way.  Customers, in these cases, look for brands and companies that can offer them exceptional customer service.  It pays, therefore, for companies to invest in training their customer service personnel.  This should encompass both the technical as well as the personal aspects of the job.  This means that they should be knowledgeable about the specifications of their products and services.  At the same time, they should also be personable and have the genuine desire to serve.

The Overall Customer Experience

It goes without saying that people definitely have an impact on the overall customer experience.  In the realm of marketing, giving customers nothing but the best experience in using their products and dealing with their people is the key to gaining more new customers and keeping more of the existing customers.  Patronage and loyalty are end results of great customer experience brought about by the entire marketing mix.

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