Marketing Mix – Process

7P's of the Marketing Mix: Process

The Glorious Processes of Marketing

Let's talk about the marketing mix process.

It's really one of the most important things in the marketing mix 7P's. A

fter all, no business has survived without a proper plan in place to back it and no advertising campaign has been successful without proper processes of execution.

In short, in whatever it is that you need to do in life, there really has to be a certain process that you have to follow.

That doesn’t mean that you have to conform to a general rule if you don’t feel like it’s going to work for your project, though.

You just have to make sure that you follow through with your own plans, so that the foundation of your business will be strong.

Just think of the Input-Throughput/Process-Output model.

Basically, one has to have plans that he can input on a certain framework to make what he wants to happen come true.

Like, when you put a CD on the CD burner (Input) so you could put some music on it (Process) and end up with your own Mix Cd (Output).

It’s also the same for marketing: you need to have certain plans that you want to come to life, you have to work on the said plans, so that finally, you get the traffic or revenue that you want.

It’s as simple as that.

Different Kinds of Processes

The marketing mix process talks about various kinds of processes that one can use to market his products well. These include:

  • Electronic Processes. This includes the use of barcodes, receipts, and other forms or graphics or logos, and the information about a product or a company that come with them. This may also include the use of those codes that one can scan using an app on his phone. It’s getting pretty popular these days, you see, and a lot of people feel that it’s cool because it gives them a sense of virtual reality.

  • Technological Processes. This sounds vast, but basically, it’s about the process of creating products that are tangible—that your customers could really feel are theirs. Not only should the manufacturer create products that he wants, he also should keep in mind that the products he makes should be ones that would fulfill the client’s needs.

  • Direct Activities. Mostly, this is about the reactions of the clients as they get to try your products, and how you feel about what they have said. Think present time. That’s when direct activities happen.

  • Indirect Activities.Meanwhile, indirect activities talk about support that happens before, during, or after the service has been given. In short, it is lengthy—it may last for a lifetime.

Mixing Processes

You see, in the world of marketing, processes could be brought together to create something monumental.

For example, internet marketing and telemarketing could go together to promote a certain product or service.

A perfect example would be travel websites such as Expedia.

Aside from the said travel website, they are also connected to certain BPOs, which mean that while a person surfs their website, he could also talk to travel agents who could give him quotations about flights and hotels that he’s eyeing, and could get him booked right on the spot.

In short, it’s a clear and efficient manner of letting people know what a business is about.

If you get it right

When you get these processes right, you can be sure that:

  • You will be able to cater to various individuals. In short, your audience reach will be larger and you’ll be able to gain more revenue in time. And of course, if you have a large audience already, you know that your marketing tactics have worked!

  • There gets to be some sense of loyalty. This happens due to the fact that when people like your products, they’d want them some more, and so they would stay for a while in the market. When there’s a high demand for your products, you’d know that you’ve done the right thing. After all, demand should always exceed supply, instead of the other way around.

  • You get to receive feedback. And feedback’s good. Feedback is helpful. It could help you change what needs to be changed, and could help you turn your business around for the better!

  • Deliver the right products, and keep the right people at hand. When there’s a proper business process, everything else will follow. And when that happens, your business will surely thrive.

On the Right Path

Make sure you make the right processes for your business. This way, you’d be able to market your products and your brand well.

And soon enough, you’d be as successful as you want to be!

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