Marketing Mix 4C’s

Marketing mix 4c's is one of the business tools that you should take advantage of as an internet marketer. It’s a modern version of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion).

The 4Cs (Customer/consumer value, Cost, Convenience, and Communication) enables you to think in terms of your customers’ interests more than your own. From being business-oriented, you’ll become customer-centric.

Here are some of the best tactics pros use to enjoy the benefits of the 4C's in marketing.marketingmix4cs

Customer/Consumer Value

Your marketing campaigns must focus on bringing value to your consumers/customers. You may want to follow these tactics to create more value for your customers/consumers:

  • Address the needs and wants of your customers/co nsumers, and minimize the cost of your solution.
  • Unify your goals of (a) generating income or making money from your business, and (b) delivering high value to your customers/consumers.
  • Be proactive in delivering solutions to your customers/consumers. Become their partners in writing their own successes.
  • Speed up your turnaround time. Increase the efficiency of the delivery of your services or products.
  • Always show your appreciation to your loyal customers/consumers. One way to do this is to feature them in your social media pages.
  • Listen to customer/consumer feedback. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, you’ll be able to use it to improve your business.
  • Apply the standard formula on how to create customer/consumer value, which is “benefits-cost= customer value”.
  • Strengthen your customer service with a goal of delighting your customers. How you delight/satisfy your customers is what matters.
  • Give more to your customers/consumers. Your three options:
  1. Give them the same quantity/quality of product/service but lower the cost.
  2. Keep the same cost, but increase the quantity or improve the quality of your product/service.
  3. The ideal is increase/improve the quantity/quality while lowering the cost.

Keep in mind that customer/consumer value is what is going to determine your place in the market.


The price of a product or service is the amount you set for the item/s the customers/consumers will get from your business. This is from the business’s point of view.

Shifting to the perspective of your customers/consumers, the price becomes the cost. It represents the amount your customers/consumers will pay for your product(s) or service(s).

Cost is a major factor that determines whether customers or consumers will buy or avail the products or services. There is no standard formula for costing, but it depends largely on customers/consumers.

Cost means you need to consider how much your customers/consumers are willing to pay for the value of your offer (product or service). It also depends on the type of market you are targeting to capture.

For instance, if your target is the A-B crowd, your product or service should carry premium costs. If the market is C-D, costs must be lower. Thus, you have to know what type of customers you wish to target.

For your ready reference, here are the three common types of consumers:

  1. Status-conscious – These consumers want first-rate products or services and are willing to pay for the cost of the item(s). They look at these products/services and corresponding costs as a way to define and maintain their status.
  2. Convenience-conscious – These consumers will pay for the cost of the product(s) or services(s) if they find them convenient. They are willing to pay extra as long as their purchase means convenience.
  3. Budget- conscious – These consumers buy products or services that fit their budget. They are the people who want more value for their money. Thus, they are always on the lookout for lower-cost product(s) or service(s).marketing mix 4c's


These days, people decide in favor of buying based on convenience. Thus, you will notice that practically all businesses have started to create their online presence.

Using the marketing mix 4c's, convenience means that you make it easy, simple, and fast for your customers to avail of your product(s) or service(s). You provide them everything they need to buy from your business.

Thus, it is important to:

  • Simplify the process your customers have to go through in doing business with you.
  • Make your customers feel good about complying with your business process.
  • Consider rewarding your customers for complying with your business process and for their loyalty to your business.
  • Always seek new ways to connect with your customers/consumers and to distribute/deliver your product(s) or service(s).

Your goal should be the convenience of your customers/consumers in availing or buying from your business. This will prevent your customers from seeking convenient solutions elsewhere, especially from the competition.


The final element in marketing mix 4C’s is communication. With this marketing mix, you do not “promote” your business; rather, you communicate value to your customers/consumers.

You give your customers/consumers meaningful content to engage them.
You do not just make your target audience aware of your business; you build rapport and relationship with them.

Whereas before, you promote your business through advertising, press releases or public relations, direct marketing, and the likes; today, you engage your consumers/customers through interactive communication.

Here are some of the proven ways to benefit from interactive communication as part of marketing mix 4c’s:

  • Make your communication more personal. Deliver your personalized communication through your customers’ preferred media or channel.
  • Take advantage of the power of the search engines to reach your target market. Make your site search-engine and user-friendly.
  • Leverage on the social media to connect with your customers/consumers. To do this:
  1. Find out what social media sites your consumers are hanging out often. Join the social networking site(s).
  2.  Familiarize yourself with the culture and language of the social networking sites you are joining or have joined.
  3. Upload optimized content that allows you to (1) attract your target audience, (2) build rapport with them, and (3) engage your audience.
  • Increase the engagement of your audience and maintain your interactive communication with them. You can do this through:
  1. Consistent uploading of content that is relevant to your audience’s needs and wants- if your audience can relate to your content, they are most likely to like, share, and comment.
  2. Make your content responsive. Your audience should be able to access and view your content irrespective of what device they use, e.g. pc or mobile devices.
  3. Think of topics that interest your target audience. Start a discussion by posting your questions on your social networking sites. You may also want to take advantage of poll questions.
  4. Use infographics. This new way of presenting information can do several things such as: (1) add life to your content and make it more interesting, (2) make it simple for your target audience to digest your content.

As an internet marketer, you have to be able to keep up with the dynamism of the web. While traditional marketing is still useful, it is best that you embrace dynamic changes such as the shift to marketing mix 4c’s.

Today, the focus is no longer on your business, but on your consumers/customers. You are better off connecting with your consumers/customers on a more personal level.

The goal is to delight them through interactive communication at their convenience that will enable you to increase customer value at a lower cost. This is how you benefit from marketing mix 4C’s.

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