Month: June 2015

Marketing Mix – Consumer

Traditionally, the marketing model employed by most businesses focused on the four P’s and prioritized the business over the consumers. Nowadays, marketers are beginning to find more promise in putting the needs of their consumers first and making their marketing approach more consumer-oriented. Although this type of business approach is more commonly used for niche …

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Marketing Mix – Cost

Senior marketers are more likely familiar with the price strategy of the 4Ps in marketing. After all, this concept came much earlier than customer cost strategy of the 4Cs. However, with business landscapes moving toward better customer relationships, it is imperative for companies to see their products from the angle of current and prospective customers …

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Marketing Mix – People

7P’s of the Marketing Mix: People in the Marketing Mix In marketing mix, people are also important. In fact, without them, products will not exist. Without them, no one would be responsible for selling and getting those products out there. However, more often than not, the importance of people in marketing is being neglected. This …

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